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Dire Wood (dire lignum) is a type of wood found in the Elven home world of Indra. Dire Wood is a very strong but yet pliable type of wood with a kind of dim gray color to it. Dire Wood was used to construct many strong boats needed for catching the animals that live within the waters of Indra. As well as the boats that took the elves away from Indra and to Prometria. Dire Wood was used also to construct curved arches because of its flexibility and its color also matched well with the houses of the Elves.

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Example Of Dire Wood

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Some Important things that have been created by Dire Wood are the Original Council Building, the New Council Building, The Dawn Vessels, and the Spire. Dire Wood has been used as a structural support in these boats and structures. Dire Wood in building was used for framing the walls, but also for decoration because of the dim gray which contrasted well with the vibrant colors of Indra.

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Dire Wood was originally disregarded by the Elves because they did not like the sad color of the tree and saw no use for it. Dire Wood was eventually put into use when an Elven bow crafter named Thelanos attempted to use the wood and found that it was to pliable and strong for a bow, but may be useful for building structures. Thelanos then recommended the wood to the Master Carpenter, Adansyr, who attempted to use it and it immediately improved the stability of the structures that were created in the Elven villages. Here is a brief entry from Adansyr, The Master Carpenters journal.

" Elvish: kawa crafter thelanos brought amin y' winya type en' wood yassen y' sai- bland color amin ume il- ve' ta ie' yeste' nan' san' iire ro explained i' traits en' i' wood amin nae impressed. amin san' tested i' wood usien various stones a' elea sut nir' stones ta sane rusv- ta, ta sane 100. i' amount en' rocks tanya y' wood must uphold e' order ten' amin magh- ta naa 25, ta surpassed amin duilar. 
English: Bow crafter Thelanos brought me a new type of wood with a very bland color I did not like it at first but then when he explained the traits of the wood I was impressed. I then tested the wood using various stones to see how many stones it took to break it, it took 100. The amount of rocks that a wood must uphold in order for me to use it is 25, it surpassed my expectations."
Dire Wood was then taken on as a very big part of elvish architecture and eventually made its appearance in the maritime cult and was then used to create the Vessels of Dawn.

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